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Our mission is to provide a harmonious flow of meditation, yoga, and retreat experiences that promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our goal is to create a peaceful and nurturing environment where individuals can reconnect with themselves, find balance and inner peace, and develop a deeper understanding of their true selves.


Jackie Gutierrez

Co Founder & Lead Meditation Guide

During a period of chaotic strain in her life, Jackie came across Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher, which encouraged her to give meditation a go. After completing a 20-day practice with Deepak and Oprah, Jackie was immediately captivated and quickly discovered that meditation assisted in reducing her stress, bettering her accomplishment, lessening her reactiveness, elevating her joyfulness, and harmoniously optimizing her state of being.


Through Chopra Center courses, Jackie eventually obtained a Primordial Sound Meditation certification and became a Chopra-certified meditation instructor. Jackie's mission as a teacher is to direct people seeking a higher quality of life to attaining inner harmony with themselves and the universe, enabling them to identify and indulge in their harmonic flow. Currently, she instructs meditation classes in Harmonic Flow, one-on-one, and in PSM sessions, and is a piano and vocal music teacher.


Johanna Toman

Co Founder & Lead Yoga Instructor

Johanna has always been drawn to movement, especially after having children.  She found her soul most nourished when moving in nature and moving on her mat.  Through the past decade, she has been on a path, learning about the movement for herself and her children.  Her dream is to bring movement to her community in an accessible fashion, feeling that experiencing movement and connecting to the body is an important practice. 


Johanna is registered through the yoga alliance for both her 200-hour teacher training as well as her children's teacher training.  She has also been certified through the MovNat level 1 teacher training.  She has been guiding yoga classes in her community as well as children's movement classes at the local school. 

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